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Regional Meteorological Training Centre (WMO-RA II)

The department of Meteorology at Qatar Aeronautical College is recognized as the Regional Training Centre of WMO for the RA-II region from April2011.

It is also a recognised Meteorological training centre by GCC Countries which runs WMO approved courses in Meteorology. The centre has designed training courses that are based on WMO syllabi leading to a Higher National Diploma in Meteorology. The RTC equips students with the required knowledge and skills to perform various functions at Meteorological stations including weather observations and Forecasting.

The centre equips with new state of the art forecasting simulator and visual Weather System which provides a dedicated environment for learning and practicing weather forecasting. An operational forecasting system (Synergie) works on real-time data with satellite imagery and archived data in different configurations (general, aeronautical and marine). The Centre also has an automatic weather station, laboratories and instruments which support the training.

The two and a half year Higher National Diploma course is built into a program that is aimed at providing students with classroom and practical environment. The course covers in depth subjects such as: Physical met, Met instruments, Plotting and analysis of weather maps, Met Data Processing, Flight Briefing, Numerical Weather Prediction, Aviation Met, Dynamic Met, Tropical Met, Satellite Met, Marine Met, Synoptic Met, General Met, Oceanography and Weather Analysis and Forecasting. Applicants for Meteorological studies must have a strong foundation in Mathematics and Physics which are also part of the curriculum.

RTC Qatar also offers short and refresher courses in: Aviation Meteorology for Forecasters and Technicians, Surface Met Instruments, Surface Observations, Marine Meteorology, Satellite Imagery Interpretation, Met data Processing, Short Range and Medium Range weather forecasting techniques.

The RTC have the following Regular and Short courses


Courses Offered


Regular Courses Course Name Duration
1 BIP-MT(JL)- Observer course 5months
2 BIP-MT(ML)-Met Technician course One Year
3 BIP-MT(SL)- Senior Met Technician course One Year


Short Courses Course Name Duration
1 Aviation Meteorology for Technicians and Forecasters 2Weeks
2 Marine Meteorology for Forecasters 2Weeks
3 Weather Forecasting for Forecasters 2Weeks
4 Climate Data Processing and Analysis for Technician 2Weeks
5 Surface Weather Instruments, Maintenance and Observation for Technicians 2Weeks
6 Satellite Imagery Analysis for Technicians and Forecasters 2Weeks


MOU for Higher Studies

The department have an MOU with Reading University, UK. The successful candidates in BIP-MT (SL) can obtain B.S degree in Meteorology with an additional one year study at UK.



The department have a faculty of well experienced professional Meteorologists from National Met. Services / Universities with more than 25 years of expertise in the field and possess Masters and doctorate in the field of Meteorology.



  1. Well-equipped class rooms
  2. Computer Lab
  3. Surface Synoptic Observation Station
  4. Library
  5. Automatic Weather Monitoring Station
  6. Satellite Imagery Analysis Labs
  7. Weather Forecasting Simulator (Synergie) System Lab
  8. Hostel and Cafeteria facilities in the campus
  9. Wi-Fi facility in the campus.

Training Program for RTC-WMO RAII (2015-2018)

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