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WMO BIP-M (Forecasters Course)

  The course is offered to candidates who have completed B.Sc in Physics ,Mathematics or Geo Physics for one year duration. On successful completion of this course the participant will graduate with a Higher National Diploma in Meteorology and will qualify to work as a Meteorologist/ WMO Class II Forecaster.The course is divided into two semesters of six months duration.

The following subject modules have bto be compleated in Semester-I and II.


  1. WXPT-115-General meteorology
  2. WXPT-116-Meteorological instruments and its working principles    
  3. WXPT-117-Meteorological observation and Plotting of Weather Charts
  4. WXPT-253-Synoptic meteorology
  5. WXPT-187-Climatology  
  6. WXPT-251-Atmospheric Dynamics-1
  7. WXPT-190-Atmospheric Physics



  1. WXPT-121-Aviation Meteorology
  2. .WXPT- 258-Analysis of Meteorological Charts
  3. WXPT- 230-Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics
  4. WXPT-250-Thermodynamics   
  5. WXPT-252-Atmospheric Dynamics-II
  6. WXPT-254-Tropical Meteorology
  7. WXPT-255-Satellite and Radar Meteorology
  8. WXPT-280-Numerical weather Prediction (NWP)
  9. WXPT291-Weather Analysis and Forecasting   

For the details of the Module please refer to the Module Description.

The Successful candidates who obtain 70% aggregate marks will be awarded Higher National Diploma in Meteorology.



Degree Details
NationalityAll Nationalities
Year of Entry February/September
Duration1 Year (Two Semesters)
Graduation Higher National Diploma




B.Sc (Physics, Maths, Geophysics)


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