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Foundation – Technical 1

English for Aviation

English for Aviation at Foundation Technical 1 level is designed to be the first real step in a Pilot Cadet’s or Air Traffic Controller Cadet’s readiness for a career in Aviation. The knowledge and aviation language learnt on the course will give students a great advantage when they embark upon their career major at QAC. Cadets will learn about aerodynamics and the principles of flight along with the basic principles that all aviation professionals need to know and understand.

By the end of the course students will be able to understand and explain a wide range of aviation related topics, including all phases of flight, specialist communication, the importance of atmosphere and weather and technical aspects of engines and power. Applying smart technology the course is taught using a variety of authentic materials with an emphasis on content based aviation knowledge and terminology making Qatar Aviation College the very best place in Qatar to begin your professional career in the exciting world of aviation.

English for Engineering

QAC’s English for engineering course is designed to improve student’s technical English language abilities equipping participants with the critical linguistic knowledge required to successfully study the avionic engineering majors conducted in English.

Throughout the course students will be encouraged to develop their technical engineering vocabulary, demonstrating an understanding of common aviation engineering terminology.

Students will develop essential speaking skills, including the pronunciation of individual words as well as increasing their spoken fluency. In addition they will improve their listening skills as they are exposed to a variety of accents, their writing skills as they learn how to describe various engineering processes, and their reading skills as they are introduced to skills and strategies necessary to study at this level.

At the conclusion of the course, successful students will possess a comprehensive linguistic toolkit to carry with them to QAC’s Aviation Engineering Major and beyond.

Technical II

IELTS Preparation

IELTS at Foundation – Technical II is designed to prepare students to be fully course competent in the skills and exam techniques required to pass the Academic IELTS exam and is intended for all Foundation students who do not already hold an in date qualification. Utilising the latest smart technologies and most recent course materials, students will be encouraged to develop their writing skills by investigating longer texts, looking in particular at the organisational features in written texts of different genres, investigating degrees of formality in reading, writing and speaking and developing reading strategies critical to success in the IELTS exam.

On completion of the course students will be able to distinguish fact from opinion in relation to common topics, understand cause/effect and problem/solution relationships in structured texts and structure long texts using cohesive devices and paragraphing to create coherent, well organised, short essays. They will learn to recognise and use a variety of complex grammar forms, express and respond to opinions and hypothetical situations and offer arguments to support their ideas. Students will further develop pronunciation and fluency in speaking and become comfortable in their use of English in a variety of situations.

On completion of the course students are expected to have achieved the IELTS band required for entry into their desired major.

Degree Details
Nationality Qatari & Expat
Year of Entry  2015 - 2016
Duration  13 Weeks
Graduation Successful completion of course requirements
Department Technical English Department
Fees QR 13,260

  • Placement test or successful completion of Level 4

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