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Tech- Physics : This course is designed for students who have little or no knowledge of physics. Students are encouraged to use the conceptual knowledge they have acquired to solve real world physics problems and at the same time developing their scientific reasoning and thinking. The course is delivered using in-house preparation books. The syllabus of this course is:

  1. Systems of units and conversion between them.

  2. Structure of an atom and different types of bonding

  3. States of matter

  4. Vectors and their application to practical problems.

  5. Types of motion and Equations of motion

  6. Forces and Newton’s laws of motion

  7. The behaviour of solids under stress

  8. The turning effect of forces

  9. Pressure and density

  10. Pressure in liquids and measurement of pressure

Degree Details
Nationality All Nationalities
Year of Entry  2017-2018
Duration 11 weeks
Department Foundation Programme
Fees QR 4488

Contact Details
     Department : Foundation Program
      Call +974 44408891
     Person-in-charge: Jaishree Malhotra
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