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Our General English program is designed to prepare students to embark upon their Technical English language studies and major programs. Our general English courses are comprised of 5 levels, sequenced from Starter to Upper Intermediate, with each being benchmarked against the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Each semester of 22 weeks allows the student to study two levels with 220 hours per level.

Our programs are taught through an approved text book series, supplemented by a range of additional materials. We apply the latest smart technologies in our teaching, including digital presentations of text books, interactive learner management support systems, personalised ’English lab’ materials, writing centre facilities and online reader support. Our teachers are committed to supportive learner education and to the delivery of courses that are of the highest quality. Students are encouraged to become autonomous learners taking responsibility for their learning from the outset. At each level, students are tested through a combination of ongoing progress tests and a final set of examination papers.

Each student entering the College will undertake written tests, which inform us of the appropriate level in which they should be placed for their English studies.

Starter Level

This program is suitable for students who possess little or no English language. During this level students will be introduced to the English alphabet and numbers 1 - 100. They will learn some basic vocabulary for everyday topics such as food, family, jobs, nationalities etc. and will be encouraged to practise this target language in the safe environment of the classroom. By the end of this course, students will be able to read and comprehend simple travel itineraries, understand signs and follow short, simple, written directions with visual support. In addition they will be able to ask and answer simple questions related to personal details, recognise times, dates, names, phone numbers and prices when spoken slowly and clearly, ask for and give names, ages, occupation and express basic feelings.

Successful completion of this course locates the learner at level A1 of the CEFR.

Elementary level

Our Elementary level course builds upon the grammatical structures established at starter level, whilst introducing students to basic reading, writing and listening skills.

On completion of the Elementary course learners will be able to use common expressions and basic phrases to carry out everyday tasks such as ordering food in a restaurant or reading timetables and making travel arrangements. They will be able to confidently use salutations, introduce themselves and ask and answer basic questions. Learners will understand short, simple emails, instructions on everyday equipment such as cash machines or be able to buy tickets online. They will have the ability to write a short paragraphs about their life, their likes and dislikes, their family and their daily routine.

Successful completion of this course locates the learner at level A1 – A2 of the CEFR.

Pre-Intermediate level

At this level complex grammatical structures are presented to the students along with a wider range of vocabulary. Higher level readings and listenings are utilised while students develop further their writing and speaking skills.

By the end of the course it is expected that students will be able to identify the main points in short talks, follow detailed instructions, understand most of a simple everyday conversation and appreciate when humour is used. In addition students will be able to competently carry out everyday tasks such as narrating a personal story, returning a phone call, expressing preferences about food and drink, arranging deliveries or buying tickets by telephone. They will generally understand clearly written factual texts on common themes, identify the main topic and related issues in a structured text and be able to predict the meaning of unknown words from short familiar scripts. From a personal perspective students will be able to write informal updates on social media websites. Academically, they will be capable of summarising the main points from simple diagrams, charts or graphs and use familiar discourse markers to clearly signal chronological sequence in a formal narrative text.

Successful completion of this course locates the learner at level A2 – B1 of the CEFR.

Intermediate Level

This is the second highest level within our General English program building further upon the elements established at Starter to Pre-Intermediate levels. This course is designed to encourage more adaptive and critical approaches to language learning and to fully familiarise learners with the language structures and skills required at our Technical English level.

Students having completed this level will be able to speak and write about past experiences, future plans, hopes and dreams as well as their personal interests, experiences, feelings and reactions. They will be capable of understanding clear standard language on familiar topics and be able to give and ask for directions and deal with routine situations whilst travelling. Additionally they will be able to ask for and offer advice using various modal verbs and successfully use conditionals to discuss possibilities and outcomes. At Intermediate level, students will begin to plan and write short simple essays on familiar topics and use their language to discuss topics from a general rather than a personal perspective.

Successful completion of this course locates the learner at level B1 – B1+ of the CEFR


Degree Details
Nationality All Nationalities
Year of Entry  2017 - 2018
Duration  11 Weeks
Graduation  On Completion
Department Foundaion Program
Fees QR 11,220

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