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Air Traffic Control Diploma - ICAO 051/052/053


Module / Subject NameBasic ATC course – ICAO 051

This is a basic non license ATC course for beginners.
The module introduces students to the basic principles of air traffic control and provides the
foundation upon which to proceed to further study in air traffic control. The module which is
mainly theoretical will give the students broad knowledge of the fundamentals of air traffic control and includes visits to the ATC control tower to enhance students’ knowledge of the subject.

Course Content:

  • Air Traffic Services,
  • Aeronautical Information Services,
  • Aerodrome and Ground Aids,
  • Rules of the Air,
  • ICAO and Air Law,
  • Aviation Meteorology,
  • Navigation Theory,
  • Communication Procedures,
  • Aircraft Types and Recognition,
  • Practical Exercises.

Course Outcome:
On successful completion of the course, students will have acquired the knowledge and skills
necessary to undergo OJT at an ATC unit to qualify as an ATC Assistant.

Course Date:- Refer to the program schedule calendar.


QAC Training Manual for ICAO 051
ICAO annexes 1, 2,7,10 VOL 2, 11,12,14,15
ICAO docs: ATM/PANS 4444, 8585, 8400, 7900,

Module / Subject Name Aerodrome Control - ICAO 052
Description Description
This course is the first of five license courses in the field of air traffic control. It is designed for
both new recruits and unqualified ATC personnel to licensing standard.

Entry Requirement
Successful completion of ICAO 051 course.

Course Content:

  • Aerodrome Control Procedures,
  • Search and Rescue,
  • Communication,
  • Navigation (Practical),
  • Principles of Flight,
  • Meteorology,
  • Human Factors in ATC,
  • Local Air Traffic Control Instructions,
  • Simulator Practical Exercises,

Radio Telephony procedures.
Practical aspects of aerodrome control utilizes 3-D aerodrome control simulator. Students are taught from simple to complex traffic scenarios including:

  • Ground movement,
  • departing VFR flights,
  • arriving VFR flights,
  • circuit traffic,
  • arriving IFR traffic,
  • departing IFR traffic,
  • transit flights,
  • aircraft emergencies,
  • diversions,
  • radio communication failure,
  • runway change procedures,
  • ground equipment failure,
  • radio telephony phraseologies,
  • coordination.

Course Outcome:

On successful completion of the course, the participant will have acquired the necessary knowledge
and skills to undertake OJT at an Aerodrome Control Unit under the supervision of a licensed ATCO
for the issue of an ATC license.


QAC Training Manual for ICAO 052,
ICAO annexes: 3, 6, 11, 12, 10 vol2,
ICAO docs: ATM/PANS 4444,
AIPs and navigation maps


Module /

Subject Name

 Approach Control- Non Surveillance- ICAO 053.

This course builds on the knowledge and skills learned in the ICAO 052-course.

Entry requirements

1.Successful completion of ICAO 052 or in possession of an air traffic controller license issued by the appropriate
authority, or

3.have demonstrated to the appropriate authority that you meet the authority’s
requirements for the issue of an air traffic controller license.

Degree Details
NationalityAll Nationalities
Year of Entry 2013
Graduation Higher National Diploma
DepartmentAir Traffic Control

1. Applicants should have successfully completed   High  School Education with good
grades in mathematics, English language including IELTS 5.5 score
2. QAC level 6 in English and Mathematics.
3. Meet ICAO medical requirements as specified in ICAO Annex 1.
4. Successfully passed ATC aptitude test
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